Fluid Radian was created when two film production companies, Fluid Studio and Radian Films united forces.

Fluid Studio was founded in 2012 by Brazilian Director  Celso Destefano and opened its doors in Prague in 2012 as an all-in-one filmmaking stop shop.  Fluid then focused primarily on post-production, working with producers in the Czech Republic, Brazil, Germany and USA.

Radian Films is the brainchild of Randall Scott Williams, a US filmmaker and producer, living in Prague since 1998. Radian was created in support of many film productions, including two feature films, both shot here in the Czech Republic.

In 2017, Fluid Studio and Radian Films combined forces, bringing together a wealth of experience and an ever-widening network of friendships, including the most talented professionals in the business. Our family keeps growing as we welcome visionaries with heart and soul to the table, to help accomplish the common goal – to make a dream come true in the magic world of cinema. This is who we are and this is what we love.

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